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The earliest records of the established Creswell Parish show that the community that we all know and love came into being in 1858, making 2009 the 150th full Parish year. Obviously there were already people living in the area before then, a number of local farms and buildings were well established before this time. However, 1858 marks the beginning of the local Parish and therefore the recognition of Creswell as a local community on the outskirts of Stafford.

In the spirit of continuing the marking of Creswell as a community, the Parish Council decided to set about creating a logo for the Parish. This would bring us into line with many other Parishes in the area who have either a shield or logo. The role of Chairman of the Parish has also changed in the past 150 years from that of a simple chairman of the usual meetings as it was then, to chairman of meetings, decision maker between meetings when urgent actions need to be taken and official representative at outside meetings and official functions. It was therefore decided to mark the 150th anniversary with the purchase of an official Creswell Chairman’s chain. This can be worn by the Chairman at all official functions and is the civic traditional way to display who you are representing. As a result, no longer will Creswell’s representatives ever again have to wear a name badge whilst other Parish councils show off their official chains of office.

The medallion is silver gilt and holds in the centre a hand painted ceramic inset of the new Parish logo, which can be seen on the back page. Obviously the chain is available for all residents of the Parish to see and has been on display at recent Parish Council meetings. Please contact the clerk if you would like more information.

Another project that the Parish Council we’re keen to pursue this year has been the building of our Parish history. One regrettable problem, being a small Parish, is that many records appear to have gone missing in the past.

Below are some of the records. Please look through the centre pages and see if your memories are different or if you can fill in any of the gaps.

Also, if anyone knows what happened to (or has any copies of) the records from 1921 to 1958 we would dearly love to hear from you. Or do you know of anyone who may have them. We are also looking for the records from the period from 1858 to 1894. Indeed, if you have any historical records or artefacts connected with either Creswell and/or its Parish please do let us know so that we can record and preserve them for the future. Any ‘originals’ loaned to us for these purposes will be returned if required.

Please click here for a list of Parish Council Chairmen from 1963 onwards

Creswell Parish Council

History from 1858
Creswell was formed under the Extra- Parochial Places Act of 1857 (implemented in 1858).

It was mainly to do with the raising of a tax on residents for Poor Relief and appoint an Overseer and annex them from neighbouring Parishes.

There appears to be a loose association with Ecclesiastical Parish Boundaries but the number of residents had to be 150 or more (not electors).

Creswell Parish Council: since the establishment of “The Parish of Creswell” in 1962.

The revised Parish became formed under the 1933 Local Government Act on the 28th July 1962 as it had 321 residents at the 1951 Census and the qualification under the Act was for 300 or more.

It is "The Parish of Creswell ( Establishment of Parish Council) Order 1962 granted by the Staffordshire County Council to the Chairman of the Creswell Parish Meeting and Councillors by the Chairman and Councillors of the Stafford Rural District Council."

Previously it must have existed as a Parish Meeting up to just after the First World War, Its proper title of Parish Council was confirmed on its re emergence in 1962 due to residency qualification.

Due to the old Poor Relief Laws being scrapped under the Beveridge Report and Social Legislation after the War (1947) the Poor "Going on the Parish" ceased.

The minute of the meeting that created The Parish Council reads as follows:

Stafford Rural District Council
Creswell Parish
Establishment of Parish Council

“Under the Common Seal of the Staffordshire County Council this third day of August, 1962, in pursuance of a resolution passed at a duly convened meeting of the County Council held on the twenty-eighth day of July, 1962” :-

“1. That a Parish Council be established for the Parish of Creswell in the Stafford Rural District consisting of seven Parish Councillors.”

Source: Copy of the actual document from Staffordshire County Council, bearing its Seal.

Freedom of the Parish

Following the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009, Parish Councils now have the power to award the Freedom of the Parish.

Considerations for this are:
  • Should be awarded in recognition of exceptional contribution or service to the community over a prolonged period of time to a person of distinction.
  • Can be awarded to any resident of the Parish, or person outside the Parish, who renders an identifiable and consistent contribution/service to the Parish of Creswell.
  • Can be proposed by any resident in the Parish or by Parish Councillors.
  • Parish Councillors will have absolute discretion regarding who receives and award.
  • It is not necessary to award if no-one is proposed and it is not a requirement that anyone is appointed even if proposed.
  • This is an award, solely in the gift of the Council and confers no material honours or special privileges nor does it entitle the person to participate in the proceedings of the Council meetings or in any ceremonial events. It is purely and simply awarded for merit.

Anyone wishing to nominate an individual for a freedom should contact the Clerk.

Presentation of Freedom of the Parish - Inaugural Freedoms -

28th July 2013

At a special meeting of the Council held on 15th July 2013 it was decided that to reflect the end of the 50th anniversary of the Parish that Freedom of the Parish would be awarded to the following individuals:

Mr Henry Hidderley - in recognition of his exceptional service to Creswell Parish and people of Creswell over many decades.

Mr Tom Doubtfire - in recognition of his exceptional service as Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk.

Mr Richard Thomas - in recognition of his exceptional service to Creswell Parish during 30 years of service as Councillor.

These were presented at the service marking the end of the 50th anniversary year of the Parish of Creswell on 28th July 2013 at Seighford Church.

Freedom of the Parish