Creswell Parish Council Elections 2023


Primepoint 14
Please could any matters arising from illegally parked vehicles on Mustang Drive be reported to the Staffordshire County Council Enforcement Team.


DVSA have an Intelligence service where reports are submitted and may be investigated by our Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU). Information can be left anonymously via the email address or by using our Freephone number 0800 030 4103. Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 07.30-18.00


Community Speedwatch

The parish council recognise there are issues with speeding vehicles on Creswell Grove Road, two speed indication devices have been installed and residents can help by joining a community speed watch group. There is already one set up in Marston Grange. If you'd like to volunteer please call 01785 232702 or email


Civic Amenity Visits 2023

The Civic Amenity visits for 2023 have now been allocated, therefore the arrangements are as follows:

Site: Wilkes Wood, Creswell

Dates: 1 April, 5 August, 2 December

Times: 10.00-12.00

Please be aware that, due to a change in legislation, we will no longer be able to accept sofas or armchairs at the 2023 Civic Amenity Visits. This is due to legislation around Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which are found in soft furnishings, these items cannot be crushed (as they would be in the collection vehicle) and need to be collected separately either by arrangement with Stafford Borough Council or taken to designated containers at the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Stafford and Stone.


Creswell Grove Development

Update received on 24th January 2023 from Strawson's Property:

I am afraid that there is no update to provide. The highway works drawings are back with SCC and National Highways to consider. We hope to hear from them soon so that the road bookings can be made.

We will continue to provide updates as and when we receive them.

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