Perrin Memorial - 3rd July 2022

Perrin Memorial Service

3rd July 2022

From 4pm

Everyone is welcome, the service will last around 20 minutes, followed by refreshments on the verge opposite the monument.

Mustang Drive and surrounding area

Please could any matters arising from illegally parked vehicles on Mustang Drive be reported to the Staffordshire County Council Enforcement Team.

DVSA have an Intelligence service where reports are submitted and may be investigated by our Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU). Information can be left anonymously via the email address or by using our Freephone number 0800 030 4103. Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 07.30-18.00

Speed Device Statistics

The parish council recognise there are issues with speeding vehicles on Creswell Grove Road, two speed indication devices have been installed and residents can help by joining a community speed watch group. There is already one set up in Creswell and they are looking for a leader to help co-ordinate dates and sites. If you'd like to volunteer please call 01785 232702 or email

We are currently experiencing problems retrieving the data from the SID opposite number 65, we are awaiting technical help. We have hopefully now rectified this issue and data will be available from May. 

2020-09-23_2021-01-26_opp no 65

2020-09-23_2021-02-22_opp no 65



2021-04-30_2021-05-28 roundabout 

2021-05-29_2021-06-28_ roundabout

2021-06-29_2021-08-31_ roundabout