Overseeing the Parish

Stafford Borough Councillors in place to oversee the Parish until an election can be completed are as follows:

Cllr Ray Sutherland
Tel: 07702 848064

Cllr Jack Kemp
Tel: 01785 253930

Cllr Jonathan Price
Tel: 07792 024858

Facebook and Creswell Parish Council

As of April 2020 we have created other ways of Creswell Parish residents to remain informed of any information that we feel needs sharing with you.

Please search for:
Creswell Parish Council 

Staffordshire Smart Alert

Have you heard about Staffordshire Smart Alert?

It’s a free community messaging service where you receive email updates from your local policing team about local crime, news, engagement events and crime prevention advice.

You can register at

Chargeable Garden Waste

Residents will need to sign up if they want to continue receiving our brown bin garden waste collection service from January 1.

Brown Bin

You may be aware that around 65% of local authorities across the country already charge their residents for this. Collecting garden waste is not a statutory service – and last year we announced that unfortunately we would have to introduce a £36 annual charge for those households who wanted to continue with the brown bin service.


Culina Lorries in Creswell Grove

Culina lorries should not be using Creswell Grove to travel through. Culina have asked if any residents see lorries from Culina to report them to the Clerk (preferably via email) with a note of date, rough time and a registration number if possible. These will then be passed for Culina to take action. Please DO NOT report direct to Culina as we are collating the information for them to use.

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