Participation in the Public Forum by members of the public

This council meets and makes its decisions in public and is committed to community engagement and therefore warmly invites members of the public, the press, the police, and county councillors to attend meetings and contribute within the public forum. A council meeting is not a public meeting, it is a meeting held in public and there is no requirement in law to provide a public forum, but this council welcomes the opportunity to offer this facility.

Please respect the fact that this is a meeting to conduct council business and interruptions during council business are not permitted. If the business is disrupted in any way the person/s causing the disruption may be asked to leave.

Public participation will be for a period of 20 minutes.

The agenda will indicate when the public participation will take place. This will be early in the agenda so that councillors may consider any views expressed when reaching their decisions. A maximum of five minutes is permitted for a member of the public to speak and only one person may speak on any agenda item. Two people may speak if opposing views are being expressed i.e. one for and one against a particular matter.

Supplementary comment or question is solely at the discretion of the chairman. No question may be repeated within a 6-month period. Guidance notes: - Make the most of your five minutes by preparing notes carefully. If several people want to speak on the same item, try to get together in advance to pool your thoughts and choose the best person to speak for you all.

Participation in the Public Forum by persons other than members of the public This council will automatically provide an opportunity via the agenda for the County and Borough Councillors to attend and report to meetings and respond to any questions or queries from Councillors. A written report may be sent if attendance in person is not possible. At the council’s discretion the overall time limit on this section is 20 minutes.


Parish Residents and members of the Public and Press welcome and members of the public can discuss items under public participation on the agenda only.



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