Chairman’s Report 

Since the 6th January 2020 meeting,  Jack Kemp, Jonathan Price and myself have been appointed as Creswell Parish Councillors to provide Creswell with some continuity in the running of the Parish Council. With the agreement of Cllr’s Kemp and Price, I was appointed chairman until any election of new councillors.  

We have advertised, interviewed and I am pleased to say have appointed a new clerk and financial officer, Mrs Jodie Guy who commences employment on the 6th April 2020 and is currently contracted to work 8 hrs a week for the Parish Council.

Being without a clerk since the beginning of the year has delayed many things. We have had to alter signatories on bank accounts and allow for training and learning, this has meant that Speed Monitoring agreed by the previous PC but not ordered due to the resignations are only now being dealt with.   We shall deal with this later in the agenda. 

I ask and would appreciate if the new parish council are treated with respect, and that anything that happened with the previous parish council is in the past. What happened, some will agree with, whilst others will disagree, however it is “in the past”. We must learn to move forward with civility and respect to all, the new councillors, your neighbours and your fellow residents.  So one of the new Parish Councils aims is to try and build trust and improve communications with both residents and companies within the Parish.  

 Over the years, I have personally met many of the residents in Creswell Grove but with the development of Creswell, particularly in Marston Grange, I recognise that we do need to get out and meet them and revisit old acquaintances in the Grove. Unfortunately, this can only be done when the Government says it is safe to visit residents.  Currently due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we must adhere to the Governments most recent advice to STAY ALERT, CONTROL THE VIRUS and SAVE LIVES. 

We have had to learn how to use digital technology in a different way to enable us to communicate with residents via our official facebook page and now meetings via  Microsoft Teams. We will endeavour to produce a quarterly newsletter but anything which has a time limit will be posted on our Notice Board, on our Facebook page and on our Website. The Newsletter will be produced when it is safe to deliver to residents.

We will try and work our way through any residents issues and welcome your phone call, email or we can visit you when Covid 19 is under control. We will obviously signpost issues we as a Parish Council are unable to deal with.

 I want to reiterate the point I made earlier about respect. Remember that Parish Councillors are not remunerated, we are here to listen and where possible to use our experience and knowledge to support the parishioners of Creswell within the legal framework.

Cllr Ray Sutherland


Parish Residents and members of the Public and Press welcome and members of the public can discuss items under public participation on the agenda only.



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